Visit to Grinnell, Iowa

May 02, 2008

Coming back from Nebraska, Sari and I decided we could go for some DQ. I had been craving soft serve ice cream for days, and Sar loves her Blizzards when she's traveling. So we were eagerly watching the blue signs on the highway for the familiar red logo.

We were led to Grinnell, Iowa, 3 miles off the freeway, where we decided to make the most of our little side trip.

Wow, interesting choice of colors; I, apparently, dressed to match.

Me, always such the lady. Notice the pinky sticking out?

I was ecstatic to see this slide outside and just KNEW it was the perfect photo op!

Look at that glee!

I have a feeling I enjoyed it a bit more than Sarah.

Every time I went down the slide, I screamed "WEEEEEEEEEEE!" I LOVED it!!

You can't even tell it was about 45 degrees and super windy as we were taking these photos!!

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