Degrassi Junior High!

May 24, 2008

So, the other night my brother found for me Degrassi Junior High on dvd at the library. It was in the Children's Section, which means it was FREE (as opposed to the whopping price of a quarter a day).

For those of you who aren't familiar with Degrassi, it was a show on PBS out of Canada about a group of junior high students (duh) and the struggles they face. Anything you would imagine out of a late 80's junior high show - drugs, sex, divorce, teen pregnancy, abortion, alcohol, child abuse, bullies, parents, death, eating disorders, shoplifting, etc. - they covered.

I really don't know why I was such a fan, but that's beside the point. It's a flashback to my past, so it's cool for that reason alone.

Watching so many episodes in a row, I see similarities throughout the show and it's making me think. . .

When I was in junior high did I refer to guys as "sexy"? It's rarely an adjective I even use now to describe a guy.

Another thing - they keep using the term "broom head" to describe people in a negative way. Like, I've heard it a dozen times in 8 episodes! Is that really the worst cut or the worst thing to be described as? REALLY? A broom head?!?

I HATE seeing these guys who are so shy and passive that the girls have to ask them out!

Do junior high boys really comb their hair in the bathroom?...

Maybe this is why I say "sOrry" instead of "sArry"... ;)

Wow, could these kids' jeans GET any tighter?!?

Why were there so many students who had nicknames that everyone actually used instead of their real names?? Snake, Wheels, Spike. . .

Do we have any other former Degrassi viewers out there? Did you have a favorite character or a favorite episode? Why do I have a feeling that I'm on my own for this one?. . .

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  1. Our public library got one Degrassi videotape sometime in the early '90s (and you think I live in the sticks!). I always wanted to watch it, but my mom wouldn't let me check it out. I think the title had something to do with eggs . . .

  2. I seem to recall an episode where the students carry eggs around as an assignment probably from sex ed class or something to show what it would be like to have to always take care of a baby or something.

    It wasn't in season 1, which I watched all of in 3 days. Perhaps season 2 which I plan to rent next. :)


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