Dog Gone Postal

May 10, 2008

Whatever happened to post carriers being hated and attacked by dogs?

Driving into town today from the south side I saw a postal carrier delivering mail to a house and right next to the sidewalk was a rather large dog. I noticed the dog was on a leash, so I thought the postal carrier didn't have anything to worry about. And then I noticed the postal carrier actually going toward the dog! She was reaching into a rather deep pocket on her waist knapsack fanny pack type thing. I couldn't believe it as she pulled out a treat for the dog!

When did this happen? When was it that postal carriers realized they should start counteracting the problem of dogs attacking postal carriers with postal carriers attacking the dogs with treats and love? Awwww. What a brilliant idea!

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  1. NOw this I can speak about with experience :) Michael has in fact been bitten by dogs numerous times. In fact he has scars on his leg to prove it, the last time actually ruined a pair of his $75 work pants. Obviously not all dogs bite :) but it does still happen:)

  2. i have to say, my mail carrier doesn't carry treats and my black lab makes sure he doesn't even THINK about coming closer to our door than he absolutely must. In fact, she freaks out when we are in the car and she sees some other mailman on the street...she has also been known to throw a fit when she sees someone carrying a shoulder bag like the one's our mail man carries. I think the mail carrier/dog relationship is still as it always was, at least in most cases...maybe you experienced some strange one time phenomenon ?


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