Summer Anticipation

June 30, 2008

Things I'm Looking Forward To In The Near Future (in no particular order)

  • Seeing the ocean again
  • Fireworks (getting to see them, not just hear them!)
  • Meeting in Mishawaka representing our office
  • Vacation!
  • Traveling to 3 new states
  • Seeing Jac
  • Relaxing
  • 2 short work weeks in a row
  • Having a clean bedroom
  • Having people over again
  • Meeting my friend's baby
  • Having dark hair
  • Getting the opportunity to wear my new pink polka dot halter dress
  • Becoming less pale
  • Canada Day (eh?!)
  • The big event in Angola
  • Hanging things on my walls
  • Continuing to try new things

What are YOU looking forward to this summer?!?

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  1. hey-- if you need help cleaning your room (or more like me sorting through paperwork, while YOU clean your room) let me know! I love the excuse to chat it up with you and just hang out... even if it IS while working! Getting stuff done while having a little fun is always nice. We could also try to rehang the wall art above your bed.

    So yeah... let me know, EH! ;-)


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