Beautiful Friday

June 13, 2008

Good Morning! It's a beautiful day here in South Bend! The sun is out. I am up, making coffee, and I'm not at work!

I'll be driving to one of our other offices for the day to work over there.

Then tonight is GIRLS NIGHT!! Periodically I get together with some other ladies from my church and always have a wonderful time together! Tonight 4 of us will be meeting up. I LOVE having an excuse to get dolled up to go out every now and then. Still trying to decide what I will wear.

Traveling so much recently I really haven't been home much. So I'm looking forward to tomorrow, after my breakfast plans and before my evening plans (I am a busy girl!) to hopefully get stuff done around the house like...

  • laundry - 2 loads
  • unpacking - my suitcase is in the middle of my bedroom
  • trash
Yah, I've needed to take out my trash for a long time and just haven't gathered it all up. How often does THAT happen - that I'm too busy to take out my trash?!?!

Last night's sermon was about stress and busyness and taking time to get away and just be with God without interruptions of cell phones, internet, TV, Ipod, etc. I needed to be reminded of that.

Sometimes I am uncertain how much to share on here. Do you need a recap of everything I've done? Do you need to know that I recently had breakfast at a place called Lumpy's Cafe in Cambridge City, Indiana, and that my waitress was named Tilda? Do I need to share that information with you?

I don't know why I feel the need to share with someone the things I do. The other day I hung out at a bar for a couple hours with someone, and no one knew about it. Other than him and me and the other bar patrons. And, for some reason, it bothered me that nobody else knew. Now you know. So maybe I'll be able to sleep again. (Kidding. You can't read my tone of sarcasm, can you?)

A good comment in last night's sermon was "A pill can give you sleep, but only God can give you rest." Think about that with me.

This picture was taken sometime after the wedding. I look so relaxed, don't I? I definitely needed that sleep! Now I know I need rest.

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