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June 16, 2008

It drives me crazy when I hear people complaining that there is nothing to do in my town or downtown. Bull crap! They are just to lazy or uncreative to find out!

So, if you are currently too lazy or uncreative to know what is going on, keep reading because I am about to tell you!

Every other Friday, in front of the Morris during the lunch hour is "Fridays by the Fountain" with food vendors and a band performing for your enjoyment. The music is free. The food is for purchase. Or bring your own.

Every Monday - Friday is free music during the lunch hour at the corner of Michigan & Jefferson, called the Red Table Concert Series. Bring a lunch or buy one from the many downtown restaurants. Don't make me list them all!

This Saturday - EcoFest on the Colfax St. Bridge

This Saturday & Sunday - the Leeper Park Art Fair

This Sunday - Urban Gardens Art Tour: Tour a multitude of gardens in the Historic West Washington Street neighborhood, $5 to support the neighborhood & preservation (let me know if you need more info)

Next week - ArchiCamp at the Center for History, a kids architecture day camp

HealthWorks! Kids Museum - multiple themed days camps

South Bends Civic Theatre is doing 2 shows this month

Morris Performing Arts Center always has something!

Have you shopped the unique stores in Michigan Street?

Have you tried the coffee at the All American News Stand or the chocolate chai at Ugly Mugs cafe?

Have you seen the expansion at the Chocolate Cafe?

Have you tried Trios Jazz Club?

Have you seen the construction & restoration going on at the corner of Michigan and Washington?

Have you visited the modern art gallery, the Spurious Fugitive?

Have you been to the Gourmet Pancake Breakfast at Studio Arts Center on Lincoln Way?

Have you walked along the East Race lately?

Biked along the East Bank Trail?

Hung out in front of Fiddlers Hearth?

Tried the Downtown Segway Tour?

What about the new carriage rides being offered downtown on Friday evenings?

Do yourself a favor and just pick one of the many! And quit complaining that there's nothing to do in Downtown South Bend!

And then tell me why I'm not being paid for this!

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  1. COULD you be paid for it? You've made me want to check out those things . . . of course, it's probably not worth the 12 hour drive. But if I lived in the area, I'd totally be making a list of things to do!


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