Slow Down

June 29, 2008

Sometimes I have to force myself to slow down.

A lot of times.

And probably a lot more times that I should but don't.

I just realized today is my last free day before I will be flying out. I work tomorrow through Wednesday and then leave Thursday morning. So, as much as I like to plan things to do to keep me busy, I'm forcing myself to at least try to relax today.

Yesterday was a non-stop whirlwind of activities, just like last weekend.

  • Send off Sarah
  • Meet my parents for pancakes
  • Home to shower, get ready, & go
  • Art Festival in Niles (I was there for 4 hours)
  • Meet friend for dinner
  • Church with friend
  • Over to Jen & Andy's with Dan to watch Goonies and sip smoothies

It was midnight by the time I got home.

Today's activities:

  • Meet family for lunch

And I hope that's all. It will be a nice time together. It's been awhile, and Jim & Donna will have stories to tell about their latest adventure out of town and getting to see The Cos.

When I'm on the go so much, my home suffers. I don't have time to keep things clean and tidy. And when my home is so unorganized and cluttered, my life feels unorganized and cluttered, and I become stressed.

It's kind of a never ending cycle that I am trying to break. I have to actually force myself to stop, slow down, take a break, sit, breathe, just enjoy being, not doing.

It's hard. But I'm trying.

I'll be traveling Thursday and then no doubt running around being a tourist Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. I was going to fly back Monday but instead decided I should actually take one day to rest, to truly have a vacation, to relax, to sit out by the ocean and just take it all in.

So that will be Monday, and Tuesday will be my day of traveling back.

I feel a lot more rested and at peace when my life slows down. I want to keep it that way.

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