Another Kick

June 23, 2008

I'm back on another Degrassi Kick. Good times.

I just like having something simple to watch for a quick 30 minutes here or there. I think that's how I got addicted to Arrested Development.

I am VERY intrigued by the return of 90210. The only thing I have heard is that Tori Spelling AKA Donna Martin and Jennie Garth AKA Kelly Taylor will be back.

Other shows that I've been thinking of lately:

  • Felicity (Scott Speedman!!)
  • Dawson's Creek (I miss Wilmington)
  • Grey's Anatomy (I'm thinking I should watch the most recent season online this summer)
Other random stuff:
  • I practically got barked at by a guy downtown the other day. He shouted "Beautiful day, beautiful women!" and then made a sound that was basically a bark.
  • Another guy (who shall remain nameless) recently said that I am "easily recognizable from the backside." How am I supposed to respond to that?
  • I am out of groceries.
  • I am out of gas.
  • I am out of clean athletic socks.
  • I didn't eat dinner tonight.
  • I have to get up extra early the next 3 days. NOT looking forward to that.
  • I'm going to a new doctor tomorrow (a specialist) and had to fill out like 20 pages of medical history and insurance forms for the appointment. LOTS of information. Too much.
  • I had to get X-rays for said doctor and ended up having to be admitted to the hospital to do so. I was pretty nervous wearing the hospital ID bracelet and the hospital gown.
  • I just bought a plane ticket for a vacation out East! First time to New England! I'm really excited about it!
  • I decided the Chocolate Cafe's Oatmeal Chocolate Chip cookies are pretty much perfection.
Well, I should probably head to bed. Big day tomorrow.

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