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November 30, 2008

Wow, December is crazy busy. There are so many things going on that, in order to stay sane, I just have to say "no" to some of them.

Looking ahead I have meetings outside of the office Monday & Friday this week, and I'm trying hard to make arrangements for a Tuesday meeting as well.

Tuesday evening I'm going to Goshen for a middle school concert. I'm sure that will be interesting.

Friday evening I'm going to a Ladies Dinner & Game Night, woot woot!

Saturday - anybody want to come over for brunch? "Brunch @ Jennifer's" is my new thing. Then I'm going up to Lansing to my friends' place. We are going to see this improv comedy group, and I am excited! I'll stay over at their place and come back sometime Sunday.

The week after that, more meetings and events and a trip to Indy for our office Christmas Party!

I've finally decided which gym I'm joining. Now I need to just go do it! I'm looking forward to being active again and taking better care of my body.

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  1. Ooh, Burnch (oops, Freudian slip?? ;) at Jennifer's? I love it! Could Rich and I maybe come over? (or at least me?). What time?

    Do you remember when I had grand visions of Summer Saturday Brunches and Yard Games over at Leeper Park in 2007? A sad regret for me that I never did that ...

    ~ Alicia


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