Funny Work Story #1

November 21, 2008

My boss told me this one the other day:

His laptop (for whatever reason) won’t connect to a projector for giving presentations. We had a backup laptop that he would use for that and other various things. Something needed to be fixed on it, so he gave it to our IT guy at Headquarters.

It had been a couple weeks since IT guy had it, so my boss emailed to follow up. He doesn’t like the fact that we have no way to give a presentation, as that is something folks in our office do pretty often.

IT guy’s emailed response that my boss read to me: “I had a small emergency come up and had to loan your computer out to David Denman while I make repairs to his computer. It shouldn’t be too much longer.”

My boss’s response spoken to me: “I don’t even know where to begin in response to this. When making up excuses it might be good to check your facts, because #1: David Denman’s dead! He died about 3 years ago. Oops!”

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  1. David Denman (obviously a different one!) is also Roy from The Office. Either way, the guy was lying . . . unless he somehow has connections to Hollywood!

  2. Oh funny! And I love how you actually know that!

  3. Oh, Tad! I cannot believe that. Maybe he was thinking of a diff't David? Let's hope so ... ~ alicia


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