May 11, 2016

This girl...

This girl whom I love so immeasurably and who also challenges me so unbelievably...
This girl and I were talking this morning after she made a lot of bad choices (because when she does something she commits to it with whole-hearted passion)

about how she's growing up and learning more now that she's 4 1/2 (Hello, Half Birthday!  Do we celebrate with half a cake?!)

And out of the blue, this sweet innocent girl said, "When I grow up I want to be a sister."

And a dagger went through my heart.  If I thought I was having breathing problems before, this just added to it.

She had finished crying from being caught in her earlier transgressions.

So now it was my turn.

I love her so much, and it breaks my heart that we can't give that dream to her.

But I am so grateful for the gift - and challenge - that is our little C-Bug.

And I'm grateful she has cousins she can love on.

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