When You're Not Quite Ready for a Farewell Letter

July 07, 2016

Um, Summer?

Yah, you over there, Summer Break.

I know it feels like you just got here and all.

But, um, I'm also very aware that you're scheduled to leave soon.
REALLY soon!
Two weeks, which will, no doubt, fly by!

In fact, this is your shortest stay with our family.

And it's leaving me kind of heartbroken.

I want to hold tight to the memories we've made:

swimming lessons at the local pool, our little inflatable backyard pool, three Vacation Bible Schools, family trip to Virginia, soccer, icee pops, overnight trip to Syracuse (Indiana, not New York), anniversary getaway to Michigan, coffee chats, Tuesdays at the park, ice cream outings...

And yet I look at the little Summer Bucket List I wrote out in May, and nothing is crossed off.  Literally nothing.


So, Summer, can you do me a favor?

Can you maybe come back for little visits on the weekend?
Can we say not "goodbye", but "see you later"?
Can we keep this relationship going here even past the start of a new school year?
Cuz the truth is, I really like you.  We all do.  I think we've got a good thing goin' on together, and there's so much more we want to experience with you.

For crying out loud, I haven't even had an ear of sweet corn!!!

So, don't leave us, Summer Break!  We're just not ready for this to end!

Jennifer, Josh, and Catherine

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  1. Let's make at least the beach happen!! Maybe in August?? Moms/kids day?? 😀

  2. Paint bathroom: Step #1. Preparation. Do you have the paint? Other equipment needed (brushes, roller, etc.)? We brought our ladder home but it can be taken back to your house when needed.


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