November 19, 2008

I’ve mentioned before how I tend to do a lot of journaling on Sunday nights. Ever since grade school, I tend to get more contemplative on the eve of the dreaded return. Maybe it was always the time reality hit, and the guilt for procrastinating on homework all weekend started showing up.

As an adult, fortunately with no weekend homework (usually), Sunday evening has become a time to cherish – the last few moments of personal freedom. I actually don’t even like being out and about on a Sunday evening. I prefer to spend that time at home, quiet, pensive, and preparing mentally for the days ahead.

Not only do I have a time when all my thoughts pour forth. I also have a place.

Although I am a HUGE fan of supporting unique locally owned businesses, I sheepishly admit that my preferred place to write is at Starbucks. Not just any Starbucks mind you. It has to be the South Side Starbucks. Believe me – I’ve tried others. They just don’t work.

My South Side Starbucks is where I first began my novel. August, 2005 – a time of numerous adjustments. Moving back to my sort of “hometown”, moving back in with my parents, moving out of the house I grew up, planning on moving to Wilmington, North Carolina, visiting Wilmington, North Carolina, deciding to stay in Indiana, moving into my own place. Oh, and all with no job. So my free time was spent writing. Not just any writing though. This was novel writing. I was a part of a club of writers whose goal was to write a novel in a month.

Wait, did you catch that? Read it again. Yes, we were each writing our own novel in the time frame of one month. Some of us accomplished it and have done it again since. I, however, am still working on the original one. And I’m ok with that.

I joined the Writers Club again last month, and I knew exactly where the bulk of my writing would be done. Yep, when I need to get some serious creative juices flowing, I can be found at the South Side Starbucks.

Just not on a Sunday night, cuz I'm staying home.

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  1. Happy writing! Sometime when you're at that South Side Starbucks, have a coffee for me. I'd specify which kind but, well, that's kind of weird :-) Dan and I also spent a LOT of time at that Starbucks, while we were raising support! so much that the baristas kept commenting on my growing belly as I was pregnant with Natalie, and then I HAD to bring her in after she was born! I think that Starbucks was one of our first outings when she was about 3 or 4 days old!!!


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