My Evening with Sissy

November 11, 2008

Months ago I snagged a Buy One Get One Free coupon from Jerry for Indulgence Pastry Shop and Cafe. I always intended upon taking my boyfriend. Since that ended, I decided I'd take my sissy instead!

We met up last week. I picked her up (look what she gave me - beautiful!) , and we chatted and took lots of fun pictures.
It was our first time at Indulgence. The desserts were really tasty and sweet. The atmosphere was fun, but it's in a bad location, and we were kicked out half an hour before they were supposed to close.

After dessert, I figured I should get some real food since I hadn't eaten dinner yet. I had coupons for Del Taco, so we went over there. Jen had never been there before, and I had only been to this location once (I used to go all the time in Cali). My coupon was for a Macho Combo Burrito. I remembered that they have good fries but didn't want to push it. Just the burrito.

We observed the strange atmosphere and the strange people there and watched some fox news on the local tv's. The burrito was huge - way bigger than I was expecting.

It took me awhile to eat the thing, and when I was down to one bite left, I suddenly felt very full and very sick. I just wanted to get home.

2 minutes later I had to put the car windows down for fresh air. Another 2 minutes later I pulled into the gas station off Grape Rd. knowing I couldn't even make it in to the bathrooms. I got out of my car and puked in the gas station parking lot.

I COULD NOT BELIEVE IT. My 5 year "Vomit Free Since 2003" streak was OVER! My body had never before so rejected a food so immediately. And in PUBLIC! Wow!

Well, I felt better immediately, but still decided to call it a night after that. I don't think I'll be going back to Del Taco anytime soon unfortunately.

It sure made for a memorable evening with my sissy!

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  1. Ohhhhhhhhhhh yes it was memorable!!!

    Thanks for sharing those desserts with me! They were so yummy! And you are such fun company!

  2. So sorry that you didn't feel well after your fun evening! Glad to know that you're feeling better though!

  3. I had recently considered trying Del Taco for the first time - at the moment I am reconsidering...

  4. Those desserts look amazing. . . but what was in that burrito???


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