10 Questions

November 09, 2008

Ok, I'm trying something new that I stole from Corey.

Leave a comment asking me a question, and once I get 10, I'll post a blog with my answers.


Oh dear. Now I'm wondering if I even have enough readers to get ten questions! Don't leave me hanging here, folks!

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  1. Of all the experiences in your life to date, which five, good or bad, would you never want to forget, and why?

  2. What is one descriptive word you would use for each of the ten people who asked you a question?

  3. If your life was a chapter book what would the chapter of your life be called that you are in right now?

  4. Stink! I left a comment and for some reason it didn't post.

    So here goes again. I am going to make mine easy. I just want to know 10 of your favorites. =)

    What is your favorite...
    ...meal you make at home?
    ...piece of clothing you own?
    ...possession? (You know, the first thing you would grab if you were running out of the house because of a fire.)
    ...place you've visited?
    ...blog/website you like to read?
    ...coffee drink? (And I want indulgence, not your standard McDonalds coffee!!!)

  5. If you could change something that has happened to you for a different outcome - would you?

  6. Who is your favorite fictional character and why?

  7. what will your children be named? (one girl and one boy) :)

  8. If you could be a virtuoso on any instrument, what would it be?

  9. What do you most hope someone asks you? Or, what would you most like to blog about?

  10. I have received my 10 questions; thank you all for participating. If I get good reviews, we may try this again sometime.

    I hope to post my 10 answers within the next couple days (I'm going out of town for a bit).


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