Tribute to Jerry

April 16, 2008

I am missing Jerry Boy. Jerry used to work in my office. His schedule kept him out of the office a lot, but I usually saw him every day, even if it was brief.

Knowing what a fan I am of McDonalds breakfast foods, he would frequently bring me a special treat or two in the morning, always including a cup of their wonderful coffee (he had my whole order memorized, medium coffee with 3 Splenda and 1 creamer, what a guy!). Or if he missed the breakfast hour, I would end up with a RANDOM bowl of chili from some local diner. Alright... Well, I'm never one to turn down free food!

We would chat, tell stories, talk about our weekends and our lives outside of the office, give each other relationship advice, laugh a lot...

Last week Jerry went out on his own. He started his own business! So he's no longer in our building. He showed me his new office just down the street. He's close. I still see his vehicle. He came by the other day to chat for awhile. And as I was out walking the neighborhood, I saw him at his desk with a view up on the third floor of his new office. We waved and smiled at each other. But it's just not the same.

I miss Jerry Boy.

On a recent outing for Japanese food!

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