Reveal of the Mystery Building

November 06, 2008

Awhile ago I asked my readers if they could identify this mystery building.
I realized I hadn't told you what it is!

It's the train depot in Beverly Shores, IN (about an hour west of SB). It's really an amazing piece of architecture, and what is inside the depot is just as amazing.

There's an art gallery with changing exhibits and the historical museum for Beverly Shores - a small town with a really neat history!

If you've ridden the South Shore from South Bend to Chicago, you've stopped at this depot. And the lake is just a mile west of here!

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  1. OH dear. For as many times as I have ridden the South Shore...! But it has actually been a long time since I've ridden it, so I'm not surprised I didn't recognize the building. Thanks for sharing!


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