Monday Night Thoughts

July 20, 2009

Random thoughts on a Monday night

  • Why am I so energized? Oh, I had a can of Diet Pepsi this afternoon/evening. Yes, I'm a slow drinker.
  • My blueberry cobbler is so juicy it's more appropriate to put it on top of ice cream, rather than putting ice cream on top of it. Oh well, it still tastes good!
  • I'm debating Weight Watchers or South Beach Diet or a combo of the two. But it just dawned on me tonight as I was baking that that would mean the end of blueberry cobbler and banana bread.
  • I forgot the hazards of working with blueberries - got a big glob of blueberries on my shorts. Hopefully it comes out in the wash!
  • Get to have lunch with Alicia & Jerry this week!
  • It's AYOP week!!!!
  • I have had a productive evening - baking, washing lots of dishes, other housework, church softball game (double header), and blogging!
  • I am counting down til 5:00 tomorrow. Not because it marks the end of another day, but because it is the time of an appointment with my D.O. (Doctor of Osteopathy). No, it's not a good thing that I have to see him again, but I am eagerly awaiting the appointment, hoping and praying that I will be feeling better after he does some work on me. I'm hoping to not have to go the route of injections as I did last time here, here, here, and also here.
  • I uploaded some videos to my facebook - something to be sure to check out there.
  • Tomorrow is lunch with Brother Bear!
  • Have you heard you can get a free pastry at Starbucks tomorrow? I'm hoping I'll remember to do it. I forgot about Free Mocha Monday at McDonald's today.

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  1. I've been going through a study called The Lord's Table with a friend. I'm nearly through it, but it has been a very interesting and good journey. On the diet front, might be interesting to check out!

  2. it doesn't mean no more bluberry cobbler or banana bread - it just means smaller portions or a "made-over" recipe! : ) You'll do great, I'm sure!! : )


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