Surprise Date!

July 05, 2009

My amazing boyfriend Josh did an awesome job planning our afternoon date today! It was SO fun to have him plan it all and just let me be surprised! I decided, naturally, to photodocument the afternoon!

He picked me up and for Event #1 took me to the gorgeous Mishawaka Riverwalk. Isn't it beautiful?!

He picked out a spot on the lawn here and spread out a blanket for a picnic lunch!
He made us sandwiches and brought tasty treats as well. Yum!
Isn't he cute?! (Yum again!)
After the park, we drove around and found Jen & Andy's future house - SO cute!

And then headed on to Event #2 - seeing The Proposal! It was fun and heartwarming and funny all together. I love watching movies with Josh!!

After the movie, we went on to Event #3 - Coldstone! Josh got the pink lemonade sorbet with berries. I got a yummy chocolate peanut butter concoction - de-lish!

Afterward with full tummies, we came back to my place and went for a walk to my island and then explored the park and sunken garden.

It was a perfect, beautiful day, and I felt so special for him to have planned it all for me! Thanks, honey! You make me happy!!!

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  1. I am never said WHAT the comment had to be.... :) It sounds like you had a lot of fun...Thanks for sharing.

  2. oops, forgot to put that you took great pictures. The River walk is nice!

  3. Looks like you had a fun day! I really want to see The Proposal, too!

  4. I really thought, after reading that you went to see "The Proposal", that was coming next for you.

  5. Looks like fun! Glad you got to "stalk" our future house ;-) I am excited to be soon living so close to the river walk. I love that place-- so relaxing! What great weather for your outing! Good times indeed. Thanks for photo documenting :)

  6. Josh did a good job planning a great day! Maybe he needs to give suggestions to your dad sometime. Nice pictures, too, by the way.


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