Because I know you all care about this...

July 29, 2009

My boyfriend is taking a poll at his blog regarding the future of his facial hair (see, I told you I know how much you care about this very important topic).

Check it out and please vote. I am jealous that he (and other guys) can have such flexibility with his appearance. It makes me want to have facial hair.

So I'm encouraging him to do something different with it! And of course if he hates it, it will grow back in a few days. At first I suggested a beard - a thin one. Then, thinking about the weather, I decided he should shave it off for now. And then come fall/winter, grow a thin beard. And then he can go back to the goatee or whatever.

Seriously, I'm just jealous. So, since I can't change my appearance that quickly and drastically, I think he should! I encourage YOU to vote and show your encouragement as well.

His blog is here, and also feel free to peruse his posts and comment away. He just recently joined the blogging world, and I want him to feel welcome!

(Oh - and I was just kidding about wanting to have facial hair of my very own! In case there was any doubt.)

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