July 24, 2008

If you have a freakishly good memory you will remember awhile ago I briefly mentioned AYOP. If you don't, just look here.

AYOP stands for America's Youth on Parade. And that's exactly what it is! An annual event held at Notre Dame that draws in thousands from across the country to compete in events such as baton twirling. In fact, it's almost all twirling, but then they'll mix in stuff like Beauty Pageants for Toddlers and the like.

It is AMAZING to watch, and it's going on right now. You have no idea how badly I want to be there. You see twirlers in sparkly leotards that cost into 4 figures. You see 3 year olds wearing makeup and crying as their mom sprays more hairspray on their tiny tight curls. You see one lonely 15 year old male twirler, confused about his sexual identity.

And these twirlers really are good. They put on such shows that just have me speechless. If you're lucky enough to watch a competitor drop her baton during a show, you'll probably then be watching her run off stage crying after it's over.

AYOPers are in a world of their own. And it's one I don't understand, but I am very intrigued.

Last night I had just enough time to cruise through the main parking lot at the JACC at ND and thought I'd share just a couple pictures with you. I'm sorry I felt too stalkerish photographing the little girls from within my cruising car. So, you have to settle for just their decorated vehicles.

If there is any way I can readjust my schedule and fit it in (highly unlikely), you know I'm so there!!!

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  1. I just love the fact that so many people decorate their cars too! HAHA.

    I admit the whole thing kinda fascinates me too! Just because it has such bizarre traits and then the fact that it talents the use of a "stick"... um yeah- if that's not fascinating I'm not sure what is?!

    Thanks for sharing your "stalkish" car photos with us!

  2. GO, AYOP! We actually have one of those decorated vans parked in our cul-de-sac. The "visitors" for AYOP are staying with the girl's grandpa -- our neighbor!

  3. I totally saw some of these cars yesterday! Including one mini-van that definitely didn't know where they were going and were swerving all over the road.

    I wondered if AYOP meant something You On Parade. Guess I was right :)

  4. AYOP reminds me of I-hop, which makes me think of pancakes.


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