Ouch, ouch, ouch!

July 01, 2008

I'm in a great deal of pain.

I'm sensitive. I'm a wuss. I don't care what you say. I just know I HURT.

I've been in chronic pain related to my neck and shoulders and upper back area for the last couple years or so. Periodically I go to a DO to have it worked on.

Now my DO is trying something new.


Remember the injection I had a couple few weeks ago? Now try about a dozen of them. At once.

I started getting queasy and had to lay down. Then I had to get more shots. I started feeling worse. Nauseous, hot, woozy, like my ears were getting plugged.

I laid down again, and the sweet doctor got me some juice. He helped me through it and waited patiently until I felt normal again. He went to meet me at the front desk to check out. I got dressed and situated, and apparently that was too much for me. I barely made it to the front desk, as my ears were plugging up and everything was closing in on me. I guess they call it "tunnel vision."

I barely squeaked out, "I need to sit down" to the receptionist. "Ok, do you want to schedule your next appointment now or over the phone later?"

"I need to sit down." I stammered again as I clutched the desk. I think she came around and helped me to the front waiting room. That part is kind of hazy in my mind.

I started feeling even worse and wasn't sure what was gonna happen. I saw my DO walking down the hall and barely got enough strength to call out weakly, "Doctor?"

He came to me, and I think I mumbled, "I'm not doing so well."

He helped me to the floor to lie down. It was much cooler there too. He put my feet up on a chair and waited.

I felt so stupid for not being able to handle it. But he was so kind and helpful, calming and reassuring.

After awhile he helped me to try sitting and let my body adjust to that. His office staff brought me cookies and told me to just take my time, and he got me some water.

He chatted with me as I gradually returned to feeling like me again. Eventually I tried standing and walking around a bit, and then was good to go. He walked me to my car and made sure I was fine again.

I was. And I was incredibly blessed by the behavior of this man. I never felt like I was an inconvenience to him or that my weakness was the one thing between him and the end of his day.

Unfortunately I will have to go through at least 1-2 more rounds of these injections. Oh boy... We'll see what happens then. He recommended protein in my meal prior to the injections, rather than the Cocoa Krispies that was today's lunch.

I took some pictures of the injections, and if any of them turned out, I'll post some. Lucky you. But that'll have to wait til later.

Now I'm going to take some Tylenol PM and pray for sleep.

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  1. I'll continue to pray for you! Thanks for sharing your ordeal! I'm glad you are doing better now!

  2. My question is, did you schedule your next appointment then or will you do it over the phone later?


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