I Heart Fourth of July!

July 11, 2009

The holiday weekend was a fun-filled weekend for sure!!

Thursday after work I enjoyed seeing 17 Again at the Dollar Theatre. After that I found some good deals at Marshalls. I picked up a pizza and stayed up late watching The Family Stone at home.

Friday I slept in, talked to Andy on the phone for a couple hours and then met Josh for lunch at a local Mexican place. Then we ran errands together and visited Roomie Leah at work. We both got groceries from Meijer, where I also found a casual summer dress - finally!

Friday evening Josh had to go home to do homework, so I met up with Jen & Andy to go to DTSB's First Friday. We enjoyed breakfast for dinner at Le Peep's and ate outdoors enjoying the beautiful weather. We wandered around looking at the classic car show, posing with the gorilla in front of the Chocolate Cafe, and then went to the Meet Me on the Island party at Century Center. Andy had received free tickets, so we wandered around and even got on the dance floor for a bit. Afterwards, we got good seats for the fireworks. We then met up with more family and friends and chatted and watched the fireworks from The Cove.

Saturday I slept in, wasn't feeling so great, went back to bed after awhile and then headed to my parents'. Josh, Jen, and Andy all came over, and we had a great, amazing meal - burgers, brats, hot dogs, chips & dip, baked beans, deviled eggs... I feel like I'm forgetting something else. For dessert we had cookies, ice cream, and my experimental cake. Oh boy... I was so giddy to try a new spectacular recipe. It was quite a challenge, and it turned into a leaning and breaking cake. Oh well. It still tasted good!

We also took a break to go to Potato Creek State Park. We drove around and wandered around. The hiking was a little challenging in flip flops though, so we took it easy. We also played a fun game of Mom's favorite Uno Attack! After dark we headed outside onto the balcony where we watched fireworks. After awhile we moved throughout the neighborhood for better views. They were wonderful and lasted for over an hour!! I took great delight in them!

Sunday I went to early service at church, did a little shopping, and then met up with friends Sean, Ali, Bill, and Jen & Andy briefly before I had to head home. That's when my honey picked me up and took me all around town on the wonderful surprise date.

The weekend was so good I didn't want it to end!

Here are some pictures!

I thought I could eat like a champion, but there was no way I could eat all this food!
the island under construction for "Meet me on the Island"
I was so proud of myself for trying a new cake recipe. It got a little, ok a lot, lop-sided.

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  1. Fun fun! Looks like you had a wonderful weekend! Also looks like it was a little chilly... noticed the jackets...

    The cake looks delicious! Never mind if it's lopsided. I've had plenty of very gorgeous cakes that actually didn't taste very good. I'd rather eat a delicious, ugly-looking cake!

  2. I personally thought your cake was delicious. You did a good job-- and the berries were a great decorative touch. And it was a very fun day too!


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