I Did What?

June 28, 2009

Friday I...

  • was back in the office.
  • went to my first Fridays by the Fountain this season and got disappointed & sunburned.
  • got a poorly made chicken salad sandwich from Chocolate Cafe. Good thing it tasted great and was on special saving me 2 1/2 bucks!
  • hurried home after work and got dressed up 80's style.
  • met my honey and went to my friend's 80's themed birthday party - FUN!
  • hurried up to New Buffalo, MI (my first time there!).
  • enjoyed a graduation celebration dinner with my honey and his family at Skip's.
  • partook in a buffet of wonderful food, many of which I had to ask my boyfriend what they were.
  • then went to the beach as the sun was setting where he and I enjoyed walking along the sand.

Saturday I...

  • got up early (5:30).
  • watched the sun rise over Notre Dame.
  • met my boyfriend's family in Niles, MI.
  • traveled to Kalamazoo, MI (my first time there also!) and watched my honey walk across stage to get his Master's degree!
  • explored Schoolcraft, MI with honey and his brother.
  • brunched at MarJo's.
  • headed back to Niles.
  • checked out Niles' Art Fest where I was offered free popcorn and declined, treated myself to a cherry shake and regretted it later, contemplated getting a henna tattoo, chatted with an ice and sand sculptor and then decided that was enough.
  • stopped at a cute gift shop.
  • sadly turned down an invite to get together with friends.
  • had an awesome nap at home.
  • met the girls for Girls Night at Carrabba's.
  • caught up on everybody's lives and enjoyed pink lemonade sorbet at Coldstone.

Sunday I...

  • woke up early mad that I had to go to work.
  • realized it was Sunday and I didn't have to go to work!
  • lounged around and then decided to go to first service.
  • took pages of notes as I listened to Sam's amazing sermon.
  • got work done at home.
  • went to Panera with honey.
  • had fun wandering around stores with honey.
  • did more work at home.
  • relaxed with a movie.
  • contemplated baking - and still contemplating.
See pictures below. Enjoy!

80's party...

sunset at the beach
so proud of my honey
ahhh, good ol' mar-jo's; anything with "breakfast all day" is a winner for me!
i was soooo excited!
amazing omelet!huge blueberry pancakes

sampler with "silver-dollar" pancakes
such cuteness in town!
the sculptor on the left came from columbus, ohio for the event
happy girls

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