June 15, 2009

A week ago I left my honey in Vegas. He came back to me Friday. While he was gone, I was sneaky.

I bought him a grill and made arrangements with his younger brother Jeremy to help me transport it from the store. He also confirmed that it was a good grill and that Josh would love it!

It took us/Jeremy a long time to put it together, and at the very end we couldn't find the final pieces we needed - the things that you actually put the food on! Turns out they were in an overlooked,unopened box in the big box full of trash, ha! Good thing we found them.

We then hid the massive grill in Josh's bathroom.

The next day my honey arrived and came straight to my place in South Bend. I, of course, was extremely eager to get him to his place in Elkhart! I suggested we go there first so he could drop his luggage and freshen up. But he suggested we go to dinner first. I can't blame him; it was already 8:00.

I convinced him to go to dinner in Elkhart. Then when we were driving right past his place I said I really had to go to the bathroom (normal for me) and asked if we could stop at his place. Score!

Jeremy had turned the light on in Josh's bathroom and shut the door. So when we got there, of course Josh wanted to know why his bathroom light was on. Surprise! I think he reacted twice. 1 - to a large object filling up the middle of his bathroom. And then 2 - the realization of what it was. And maybe even 3 - when I smiled, hugged him, and said, "Happy Graduation!"

sneaky me & jeremy...

me & joshy happily looking forward to burgers, hot dogs, steaks, etc.

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  1. Oh wow! What a great surprise! Yum... grilled food... :-)

  2. I'm very impressed with the gift. Gotta respect a woman who knows how to get her man what he wants.

  3. Josh looks VERY pleased with his graduation gift! Nice going, JJ.


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