New Girls Night

December 05, 2008

Went to a new Girls Night tonight. They were all wearing sweats. It was kind of weird. Had I known it was a sweatpants wearing sort of group, I probably would have joined in with the popular attire. I have 3 great sweatsuits to wear, and now is the time. 16 degrees, feels like 1. That's actually higher than most of the day has been. Today was a very frigid, painfully cold day.

Side note: all of the girls in this group are married. Do you think that has anything to do with the sweats?

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  1. Hey now! What's this about married women being slobs who wear sweats???!!! Just kidding, I know that's not what you meant :-) Seriously, I don't have a "nice" sweatsuit (which are what your 3 probably are...) and so I only wear sweats occasionally to bed. I'd love to have a nice sweatsuit!

  2. Where did you find this group?! And I was offended at the sweats comment. ;-) Ask Jay, I don't usually wear sweats around the house, I most CERTAINLY wouldn't wear them to a function - unless I was really comfortable doing so, or it was a SMALL group of friends. Probably not strangers. Hmm...were they married with children?


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