December 04, 2008

Woke up early and pleasantly with no blaring alarm. Laid in bed. Got up, made coffee (decaf), washed dishes, picked up around the house, showered, got dressed & ready. Planned on being to work EARLY but had to wait 5-10 minutes for my wipers to thaw before I could drive.


Ran errands, got to see Mom, baked pumpkin bread, baked chicken parm & severely scalded my right index finger. It still hurts.


Picked up Brother, went over to his place, made paninis for dinner and (finally) watched the 24 movie from a couple weeks ago. Laughed, talked.

8:00, ran to Martin's to pick up some ingredients for this coming Brunch @ Jennifer's.

Home by 8:30, sort thru mail, etc. put away groceries, clean up. Allowing myself 20 min. on the computer. It's been 8 so far.

I'm going to bed early again - 3rd night this week. I love it. A great day.

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