"Minus Fifty"?

December 10, 2008

What do you think about the label "Minus Fifty" or "Minus 50"?

Keep sending your suggestions for my new endeavor!!

Today was my first AM workout. 2.2 on the treadmill again. I went with Jen & Andy. It was nice to have friends around, but they take more time than I do. I was hoping I'd get home to have lots of extra time before having to leave for work. Not so much.

Questions for all you experienced runners: I got a bad side cramp today. That happens to me periodically when I am walking a lot. Anything I can do about it? Also afterwards my toes are hurting. Are my shoes too tight?? Am I walking incorrectly? Or do I just need to trim my toenails?

I don't think I sweated this much when I worked out at Curves.

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  1. 2.2! Nice work! Keep in mind that the workouts will get easier as you get use to them. The first couple of weeks will be the worst.

    So, for side cramps: first try taking really deep breaths, that seems to take them away most of the time. If that doesn't work, pause for a minute, take deep breaths, and stretch by reaching toward your feet.

    These aren't official remedies -- but I run everyday, and they work for me.

    Good luck and keep it up!

    By the way, when are you making your next WI/MN visit?

  2. The best way to make sure your side and feet do not hurt from a workout is to start in the morning. As soon as your alarm clock goes off, unplug it, roll back over, and fall asleep. This way you will miss your workout and therefore you will miss the pain caused from it.

  3. okay first off...I think I finally came up with a possible label...I first thought of "transformation", but I thought that was too boring...so then I looked up the greek term and...."metatropi" I kind of like that one!

    Okay, so as far as the side cramp goes...I would suggest when this actually happens to raise your arms above your head and try and take a few deep breaths, yes, I know it sounds odd, but believe me it helps! As far as your toes hurting after you walk....depending on where exactly this is happening...the tips of your toes, near the ball of your foot, etc.? Anyway, my suggestion is to make sure that your toenails are trimmed properly, and that your shoes are fitting you well before you work out. I can teach you how to tie your shoes differently if it seems like that will help, but I'll have to be home for that! Hope that helps!

  4. Good comments :-) I will have to remember some of these tips!

    I was going to mention earlier, if we--*cough*ANDY*cough-- take too long for you, you could always just drive yourself and meet us there-- and then just leave when you are done?? The carpool thing is nice, but really, it's only about 3 miles there-- and it might be worth it for you. Or you could at least try it once to see if it is better.

    I am glad that you joined the gym with us! And sweating, no matter how gross it is, is a good thing-- it means your body is really working out!


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