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September 17, 2008

What’s been going on? Well, since you asked…

I had two meetings scheduled today. Both were canceled.

Music – Jamie Cullum’s cd “Twentysomething”. Love it. Got it from Stephen when he was moving away. I can listen to it repeatedly.

Speaking of “twentysomething”, I’m thinking about my next birthday. Already. It’s still 5 months out, but you know how I love planning.

Last year these friends of mine moved to Ohio. They have a great place in the country, and from what I’ve heard, it’s a wonderful place to spend a weekend away. I was just thinking fall would be a great time to visit. So, I started flipping through my weekly calendar/notebook/life and realized that I have weekend plans for the next 6 weekends! Holy cow! How does this happen?!?

Now, not all 6 weekends have events that consume the entire weekend, but most of the weekend time is consumed. Many by work events. This is starting to drive me crazy. I think I’m gonna have to miss my friend running her first marathon because I was just put in charge of another work event at that time.

I have been getting really overwhelmed and stressed about things lately. The other night I was having a hard time breathing and other problems that caused me to contemplate a trip to the ER. I decided to try to just sleep it off instead. I was happy to wake up fine the next morning.

I am now planning a trip to Texas in February and am really excited about that. It’s gonna be a Girls Weekend with friends from high school, and it’s gonna rock! I love having something to look forward to!!

Don’t forget the upcoming local events. And a couple others that I hadn’t mentioned that are worth a mention: Nappanee’s Apple Festival Sept. 18-21 and Niles’ Apple Festival Sept. 25-28. Like apples? Even if you don’t, there’s plenty to do at these fun events!

That’s all for now!

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