Anniversary and other Mundane Monday Thoughts

September 08, 2008

Ugh, I haven’t worked a Monday in awhile. It’s hard to readjust. I think it’s gonna be a long week. Is it wrong that I’m already thinking about taking a vacation?

My brother and sister-in-law are on vacation all week, and I’m a little bit jealous. Today is the one year anniversary of their marriage! Hmmm, I’m thinking about what all was going on a year ago. It was a lot. The day was incredibly long, but it also kinda flew by. How is that possible?

So many great memories from that event! Days leading up to the wedding and fun afterwards (although I don’t think I would count the tear down as “fun”). $1 tacos at Casa, decorating the reception hall, posing for silly pictures, so many friends from across the country coming in for the event, rehearsal dinner at Bruno’s, getting up early the day of, meeting the bride with coffee in hand at the hair salon for an early appointment, stress trying to get ready at the church, posing for lots of photos, going out to Mishawaka Riverwalk for more photos, sweating, drinking water… Suddenly it was time for the wedding, and I was walking down the aisle beaming. My first experience as a flower girl. And it was perfection.

We looked so beautiful. I look back at the pictures and am just stunned. It’s amazing how much a dress, hair, and makeup can do for me! I think what really flew by was the reception. I remember the grand entrance and listening to some wonderful toasts from Sean & Charissa. I remember all of Andy’s roommates serenading the bride with “Pretty Woman”. The food was good, but I didn’t get to eat much. There were a lot of people I wanted to visit with, but before I knew it, it was over.

Why is it when I’m in the wedding the reception flies by, but when I’m a guest, it tends to drag on forever and forever. Come on, people. Isn’t this true? Generally.

Anyways, I totally didn’t intend upon going down memory lane – or aisle. But Happy Anniversary to Jen & Andy!

I LOVE having company!!! And company who have their own transportation and their own things to do is a bonus! Ha! I like hosting, but I don’t like entertaining. Too much pressure I guess. So having both Jac and Anson in town for the last few days has been really great, and I will be sad to lose them.

Another thing I love: BRUNCH! We made sure to meet up with Jen & Andy for brunch at the old school hangout of Tradewinds in Mishawaka. It had been awhile since I’d been there, and forever since I’d been there for brunch! And I’ve decided I should go there more often. Good prices, good food, good atmosphere – homey, friendly. But if you go, take a sweatshirt! It’s always chilly in temperature there. Especially if you decide to order their Eskimo Waffle – a Belgium waffle topped with strawberries, whipped cream AND ice cream! And then there’s the PandaQuake! (which is really termed the Panquake) which, in addition to eggs and choice of meat, is endless pancakes, wow. And for really reasonable prices I’d say. So, there ya go. Free advertising. Go eat at Tradewinds. It’s by Bethel.

I think summer may be officially over now. We’ve got football. And it has significantly cooled off, which I’m still not used to. The other night I showered and threw on a tank top before going out. It was already after 9. What was I thinking? It was probably about 55 degrees!

I don’t like when summer ends… Although I DO like football.

In case this isn’t random enough, here’s more:

Did anyone else watch the new 90210? Tee hee. It makes me happy to see Jennie Garth again. It’s weird to see Lori Loughlin play a mom of teens! And is Rob Estes not the hottest man you’ve ever seen?!? And is Jessica Walter playing Lucille again? Hmmm.

Fonts. I’ve never thought much about fonts. But since I didn’t like the capital G in the Optima font (it looked too much like a C) and I need a new name badge anyway, I’m looking for a new font. Got any good suggestions?

This is what my boss said to my co-worker today who had been working in our library for awhile: “It looks like you’re researching hot and heavy in here.” WHAT?!? I’d say poor choice of words.

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  1. Can you believe that I have NEVER been to Tradewinds?!? We will have to go, whenever I am back in Indiana =)

  2. Watched 90210 out of curiosity. I didn't like it. I doubt I'll watch again, unless they get more of the original cast back. I am curious about Kelly--but not curious enough to keep watching!

  3. I forgot to comment on the fonts--I LOVE fonts! Two of my favorites are IronMaiden and CheersType. I also love Maiandra, Sylfaen, and Trebuchet--those three are "fun" yet still professional enough to use in business correspondence.

  4. Becky, I've heard *rumors* about potentially Jason Priestly doing something. Yah, I'm all about the original cast. If they weren't in it, I never would have tuned in. Smart move, 90210.

    I will have to check out those fonts. I need to make a decision soon!


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