Monday Madness

August 04, 2008

Really busy time, with work and beyond work. Trying to keep it all together. Ugh. It’s rough. Lots of stuff happening. Some really good. And some really bad. ‘Tis life.

I hope to post stuff soon. But for now I’ll just ask:

1) Why can’t assembly instructions contain words, rather than just poorly illustrated pictures and diagrams?


2) Where is good customer service?!? Particularly when it comes to printing needs! Sheesh! It shouldn’t take you a week and a half to START my print job! That’s to company #1. And to company #2 who eventually got my business, if you quote me a price and a turnaround time and then both are totally inaccurate, that’s not good.

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  1. Sounds like pressure, pressure, PRESSURE.
    RE: (1) what are you trying to assemble? Whatever it is was probably manufactured in a country where they don't speak English and can't put the instructions in words we would understand, so need to use pictures and diagrams, though it would be nice if the pix and diagrams were understandable.

  2. 2) Maybe it's printers in general. The printer I use is usually pretty easy to work with, but it's almost always a two week turnaround time. I sent our newsletter in to be printed in June--two weeks later, I emailed about the proof, which I usually get one week in. The answer? They'd forgotten to send me the proof and had already printed . . . what happened to the part where I'm supposed to sign off on the proof before they print? It turned out fine, but I'm still a little peeved.

  3. I hope whatever is really bad in your life will get better! :) Call me if you need/want to talk!


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