Falling in Love

August 29, 2008

I am falling in love with St. Joseph, MI, or as I lovingly call it, St. Joe.

Why has it taken me THIS LONG?!? I've been here 15 1/2 of the last 20 years (EEEK!), and I'm just NOW appreciating all it has to offer. And of course - at the END of the summer!

It's only about 40 minutes away. It's an easy drive. No tolls. You get to admire beautiful views, crossing over the St. Joseph River and then ending up at the Lake.

St. Joe has a GREAT downtown, which is a big passion of mine. And then a lovely park with a beautiful fountain and frequent arts and crafts or antiques shows. And the park overlooks the beach!!

The DT has great shops & cafes and some strong historic buildings. The people are friendly, or at least they are to me!

A fun restaurant in a train depot down on the beach. And did I mention the beach?

St. Joe just makes me smile! :)

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