Red Bag

June 18, 2008

For the second day in a row, I walked to and from work today. It takes a lot of thought to prioritize and figure out what I really need to take with me since I’m carrying it all.

Yesterday I used my sweet flowered shoulder bag from Nebraska’s Shop-Ko. I’ve gotten so many compliments on that thing followed by such disappointment when I tell people I got it in Nebraska. I should have bought a dozen to re-sell here in Indiana.

It’s a great bag, but it’s still pretty cumbersome to carry it while walking. So, today I switched to my red light back pack. I got it free at the MS Walk and hadn’t used it until today. That was GREAT! So lightweight, airy, and loose! The only negative is that it has no interior pockets. So everything is together and loose. Chapstick at the bottom of the bag, keys banging into my camera (yes, my camera is a necessity to take with me, otherwise I could miss great shots like these!), etc.

But it really makes such a difference to be able to walk without a big bag slowing me down. Yea for Red Bag!!

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  1. Nice bag. Glad it works out for all your "stuff." Also, nice going with the walking - and the bicycling!


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