Breaking News!! (complete with story)

May 23, 2008

This morning I decided to walk to work since I knew I was staying downtown for lunch. This act, by the way, got commendations from both Todd and Paul.

Upon rounding a corner near the office, I first saw groups of people gathered out on the sidewalk all looking south. Further steps led me to see police cars, ambulances, and a fire truck arriving at the scene of the accident that had happened just minutes before.

From bits and pieces overheard, the SUV driver (the young man in the yellow t-shirt) swerved to avoid hitting the other driver (the young woman in the grey sweatshirt). And in so doing, his vehicle flipped. Both drivers were out and about, appearing to be physically fine after the event. Emotionally – that’s another story.

I kid you not when the man got out of his vehicle, his first words of rage were, “Oh man! I’ve got $10,000 in this ride, and no insurance!”

Turns out the woman was in even worse shape. I heard an officer kind of chastising them both with, “All I know is neither of you have insurance, and you (looking at the lady) don’t even have a license!”

check out the body language; I love it.

I like to imagine this gentleman is a lawyer, waiting to swoop right in.

news crews


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  1. WOW!!! Can't wait to hear the story on that one! Thank you on-the-spot-reporter Jennifer!

  2. Maybe you should be a reporter! Nice job.

  3. No insurance for either and no license for one?!? Holy buckets!


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