Recent Thoughts as I Return to Reality

June 10, 2008

It sucks to lose a filling. I hate dealing with teeth/dentist stuff. Although I do have THE sweetest and best dentist. Still, it doesn't make me any less nervous, thinking about going in for a refill (?) Thursday.

I also have the best doctor. I LOVE her. If you're looking for doctor or dentist recommendations, let me know.

I'm so glad I somehow managed to avoid all the recent thunderstorms. Apparently a lot of places were hit pretty badly. I just happened to be elsewhere when that happened.

I love getting stuff for free and/or a really good deal. I recently ordered seasons 1 & 2 of Arrested Development. I got free shipping and used a gift certificate. AND, when they arrived, the box also included coupons for McDonalds' new chicken biscuit sandwich and southern chicken sandwich for free, woo hoo!

Weddings are exhausting!!! Especially when you're in the wedding and do all the decorating and clean up.

I REALLY want to win this contest!!! Have I always been this competitive? When I heard that the David Crowder Band was going to be at the Elco, this is the way my thoughts went:

  • I would really like to go to a David Crowder concert and rock out in worship.

  • But I don't want to have to pay for it.

  • And I would want to be up close.

  • The Elco would be a beautiful venue for such an experience.
And then I heard about the contest where I could actually have a chance to win front row seats! Wow. If I DON'T win, I don't know if I'll be able to recover.

I'm trying to wean myself off the Ambien. That stuff is powerful.

I caught my first wedding bouquet Saturday. It'll be interesting to see what happens next.

It's a shame that even when I'm away from work I still dream about it.

It's definitely summer, and I definitely have summer fever! Is there a remedy for that?...

My apartment needs some good vacuuming.

I am dying for an excuse to wear my new black dress.

To a certain extent, Wisconsin will always = HOME.

Being away from work for 2 extra days feels like 2 years away!

I've got to get back on my walking kick! Darnit, if only I had a talking pedometer. Did you know they even made such a thing?!?

I'm looking forward to dying my hair back to its natural(ish) color and just taking a break from upkeep for awhile.

I love the smell of lilacs!

I have a really hard time showering without washing my hair.

I need more sleep.

I'm loving my new freshly ground french vanilla coffee from Super Target! Although you should have seen me trying to figure out how to work the grinder...

I wonder if I will ever again host a party.

I recently watched "Mr. & Mrs. Smith" for the 2nd time. What did I take out of it? Pearls! Angelina's character wears a lot of pearls, and I decided I should wear my pearls.

Pearl earrings from Mark & Jenny, pearl necklace from Ginny

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  1. LOVE the pearls! I might just have to bust mine out sometime... umm, if I can even find them. *sigh


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