Hail Yes!

June 17, 2008

It's been a long time since I saw hail. Sunday I was relaxing and hanging out all day at my brother's in-laws. We were all half watching a movie (old school Freaky Friday - the ORIGINAL! - with Jodie Foster and an amazing Barbara Harris) / half sleeping when my sister-in-law Jen came bounding down the stairs, shouting "It's hailing!"

I was so confused because I didn't even know it was raining! Yep, a pretty bad storm went through the area that day. We managed to avoid most of it. And we didn't hear much because Jen's parents' house is in a neighborhood full of big huge tall trees that cover the house, cars, street, etc.

Jen and I ran to the back door, and she grabbed an umbrella while I grabbed my camera. Enjoy these pics!

Can you see them on the patio?

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  1. Fun pictures! Hail is neat...except when it's big enough to dent your car. :(


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