3 Days

June 19, 2008

3 Days in a row on 3 different bikes (don't expect a 4th)
I'm all smiles before actually getting on the bike.

Look at that terror.

Happy now!

Sweet little Stephanie is letting me borrow her bike while she's out of the country this summer, awww! YEA!

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  1. oh, no problemo on the bike, sis! Golden Nuggett was fun, even though the wait made us miss Big Lots!!
    I am going to miss you!!!

  2. Perfect! You can ride your bike to our house and meet Caleb!

  3. That's great! I think biking is rather addictive :-) I've biked to work twice now--the wind and threat of rain often keep me from it. But I very often bike around town!

  4. I'm proud of your bike endevours. Funny how I can walk for MILES, but put me ona bike, and I'm WIPED OUT after about five blocks. Different muscles must be used...

    Hooray to Cute Little Stephanie for loaning you her bike.

  5. After riding my bike to work again today (NOT a recommended idea after doing a Taebo workout the day prior) I think I would recommend getting a better seat. Next time I am at Target with you remind me to show you that other seat we found. I would really be interested in trying it.

    We need to get you a lock and figure out where to store a bike so you can get riding!


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