Great Weekend

March 31, 2009

I had a nice weekend. Thought I'd share some stories and pics with you.

Friday my friend Leah S. went with me to Niles, MI to get my nose pierced. Yep. I've been wanting it for a couple years and just recently decided that I needed to do it soon. So, off I went.

Afterwards we went to Hacienda for dinner. Yum! Then I went to bed early (holla!).

Saturday I picked up J-La and we went to Goshen's Dunkin' Donuts for blueberry coffee, mmmm! We also got in on their 49 cent donut special, which I was excited about. Then we went to see my honey's kids (IE students) perform for a choir competition. They did great and ended up with the highest score in the highest level - a first for the school! I'm so proud of him!

We then went to Concord Mall for lunch and shopping and hanging out. I had forgotten there's a Family Bookstore there, so we browsed there for quite awhile. There are so many books that I want to read! But, as I told Jen, my problem is that I buy them and never read them.

At the mall they were having a special kids fashion show that I caught a few seconds of. It was cute and adorable when it was little toddlers and grade school kids. But when it was high schoolers covered in tattoos and getting whistled at, it seemed a bit awkward.

We also had lunch at the mall. We both decided Enzo's Pizza sounded the best, which ought to tell you something about the other choices! Jen ordered and found a booth while I was still figuring out what I wanted. I was a little distracted by the guy who was taking my order. He had a tattoo on his arm peeking out from under his short sleeved shirt. I had to: "Can I ask what your tattoo is?"

He pushed up his sleeve to reveal on his arm a tattoo of . . .

an arm with pizza dough flung over it.


He said it describes him pretty well because he's "been working there for 17 years and hoping for another 17 and then some!"

Wow, so many thoughts I later had in response to that while discussing with J-La. a) It's just bizarre to have a tattoo of an arm on your arm. b) It's bizarre to have pizza dough tattooed on your body. c) How sad that pizza making is your career. BUT, d) How amazing and rare to love your job that much!

He asked if I had any tattoos and then said my nose ring was "cute".

Anyways, it was an amusing diversion, and Jen appropriately named the man "Dough Boy".

Saturday night Andy, Jen, Josh, and I went to dinner at Rich and Alicia's. Rich made his famous Pad Thai, and it was SO good!

And a yummy dessert too!

Sunday I slept in, then went to church and got to visit with friends. Next a stop by the library to retrieve my camera from Alicia and pick up a movie. I watched the 1998 edition of The Parent Trap with Natasha Richardson. So weird to think that she's gone.

Then I did lots of resting, lounging around, and enjoying the weekend. I also caught up on The Office episodes, thanks to Hulu and made more banana bread, this time trying Kate's recipe. De-lish!

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  1. Wow! For being sick, you sure posted a great blog! I'm glad you had a great weekend! I laughed again when reading about "dough boy"! :) Thanks for the laughs!


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