Two Week Experiment - Halfway

March 29, 2009

My first week of my Two Week Experiment has gone fairly well. One day I took off my workout because I am fighting a cold and honestly felt the healthier choice would be to rest. And one night (last night) I was up late (12:30, yikes) because I was out with friends.

Other than that though, I've had my daily workouts AND I've gone to bed between 9:30 and 10:30. I love my sleep! And going to bed early makes the early workout wakeup more tolerable.

The honest truth is that after these two weeks I'm supposed to continue with these habits forever. But I wanted to look at it as a two-week task first because that seems more manageable. So, after next week, I'll again try for another week. And then another. And another. One week at a time.

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