My Sissy

May 28, 2008

Many of you have commented on my new blog header. I cannot take credit for it, other than being beautiful in the photos (smirk). The real credit goes to my wonderful, amazing, talented, creative sister-in-law Jen! She made that for me.

Oh, and she also made this great piece of art work to go above my bed to perfectly match my new bedding.
What else has she done to brighten up my life? Countless things, but here are a few that come to mind right now:

  • She breaks into my house when I'm out of town to defrost my freezer (and fridge)

  • She cleans my house when I'm gone

  • She decorates my living room for me

  • She inspires me

  • She fits right in with our family

  • She is a LOT of fun

  • She will eat cake for breakfast with me

  • She meets me for lunch during the week
  • She talks with me endlessly

  • She does photoshop for me

  • She gives me her old phone(s)

  • She listens to me

  • She gives me fun stuff like Ex-Boyfriend Body Lotion (to help moisturize the bad break-ups)

  • She's a good buffer when Andy & I fight (yah, we still fight...)

  • She's brilliant
  • She's dedicated
  • She's fun to travel with

  • She's fun to go shopping with

  • She takes just as many photos as I do

  • She shares her family with me

  • She lets me tag along to a Gourmet Pancake Breakfast for her bday

  • She shares things with me like coffee

  • She crimps my hair for Friday Fun

  • She has the same name as me

  • She likes Notre Dame

  • She hosted a birthday party for me at her awesome apartment

  • She encourages me when we're both doing South Beach

  • She lets me kidnap her and take her to Angola and Lansing

  • She laughs with me

  • She made me an awesome banner for Administrative Professionals Day

  • She can be silly with me
  • She keeps my brother in line

  • She is patient with me

  • She is wise

  • She has fun catch phrases that I like to imitate ("Awww", "SO cute!")

  • She makes good brownies

  • She introduced me to Aldi

  • She gives me flowers

  • She's My Sissy!!!

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  1. Dad and I are happy to have her part of the family, too. Andy, "you have chosen wisely." We love her!


    :D Thanks Sissy! I <3 you too!

  3. How sweet! You and your sissy are both blessed to have each other! What a great tribute to her! I had a lot of blogs to catch up on today! :) Great job!

  4. You're right, she is great...but so are you! oh, and I love the new header!

  5. I must agree- I think she is pretty darn great too! :)

  6. GREAT post. I'm jealous... both of your relationship with such a special friend and because I would print and frame a blog like that if it were written about me!

  7. I'm pretty fond of her, too. What a good friend to have.

    You and Andy still fight?! ;-)


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