What ARE these?!?

May 23, 2008

Can’t you see some board meeting of suits, each munching on rice cakes, pondering how their rice cakes could taste better?

And then some desperate person says, “I’ve got it! What if we add a ‘Chocolatey Drizzle’ on top of the rice cake!?!”

And somehow everyone agrees, thinking that if you add chocolate suddenly the rice cake won’t taste like, uh… a rice cake.

And why can’t they call it “chocolate drizzle”? If it’s not chocolate, what is it? What is “chocolatey drizzle”?!?

The first one tasted just like what it is – a rice cake with a chocolatey drizzle. But once your taste buds lower their standards, you adjust and realize that they are actually pretty good.

Maybe their slogan could be, “Try two!”

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  1. You can't eat just one! No, really, you can't! EAT TWO! EAT TWO!


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