Deal Me In

May 11, 2008

I LOVE getting a good deal. It seems it's usually pretty rare. I've gradually started to give up on places like Goodwill or antique shops. I usually don't have the patience to sort thru all the crap at Goodwill, and lately all the antique shops I go in are way too over-priced.

So I now resort to doing most of my good-deal-searching in the clearance sections at Target. I love Target. Like probably an unhealthy amount of love. Combining my two loves of a) Target and b) getting a good deal means that Target Clearance is pretty much heaven on earth.

I frequently use restraint, but then there are deals that you just can't pass up. Today turned out to be one of them.

I was looking at curtains on sale and then meandered over to the back aisles. This is where they keep the clearance (why am I revealing my secrets to you???). I found on the bottom shelf at the end of an aisle a Secretary's Desk from their adorable Shabby Chic line. This style totally goes with the house I live in.

The regular price was 129.99. Clearance price: 65.98! Half off! I wasn't sure if there was a particular place in my apartment for it. I debated. I remembered my tax refund. I hovered over the desk, practically hissing if anyone else came near it. I phoned my mom to get a second opinion (she excels in this). I felt that someone in our family needed to get this deal on this desk. She agreed that one of us would definitely be able to find a place for it. So, I had it brought to the front of the store, and when I finished with the rest of my shopping, I waited at the check-out aisle for awhile before someone finally brought it over to ring it up with the rest of my purchases. It was brought out to my car for me, and I drove away quite happy.

A couple miles down the road I started thinking about the total bill. I hadn't paid any attention to what it was; I just quickly put my credit card in the reader and signed away. I couldn't remember exactly what the cashier had said the total was, but what I was thinking wasn't making sense. I pulled the receipt out of my purse and shrieked with joy when I saw what the beautiful secretary's desk had rung up for: $34.48!!!!!

The 50% off was an additional 50% off!!!! I don't know how this happened, but I was quite happy!! Now I'll just have to figure out how to put it together...

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