Blogging = High School

July 31, 2008

I have realized recently how putting your life out on the web can take you back to high school.


1) Somebody blogged about or posted pics from some event that you weren’t invited to. I remember Monday morning at my locker, hearing others talking about the parties they went to over the weekend and feeling left out.

2) Somebody blogs about something they did, the fun they had at some place or another and never mentions that you were there with them. Again, you end up feeling left out.

Nobody wants to feel left out. Everybody wants to feel included, accepted, important, loved.

It makes me sad that blogging/MySpace/Facebook, etc. can lead back to those insecure feelings of high school. It makes me sad that those insecure feelings of high school are still with me 10 years later.

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  1. Guess what. Those feelings can stick around a lot longer than 10 years...

  2. I totally agree with Donna (in concept of course, since I've only been out of high school for 8 years.) But I would have to say that it's not necessarily blogging/facebook/myspace's fault solely. Those things just make it easier to find out about things you were left out on and take over where those moments at lockers left off.

    The way I see it is that there will ALWAYS be something that I get left out of-- whether it be on purpose, or just because that's life. People are humans-- selfish, forgetful-- never always thinking about others and their feelings (heck, half the time I have a hard enough time trying to figure out my own feelings-- I can't always take time or make calculations about others.) Basically people let you down. It's inevitable. It doesn't mean I don't feel a twinge of hurt/pain when I realize I have been left out-- but I don't let it stick with me. Otherwise, I think I could be a very bitter person at this point in my life (and seeing as it is a lifelong thing it seems, I could be pretty miserable forever)

    I guess you just have to give people a little leeway (if it's a repeated thing that happens a lot, you may think about talking to that person about how it makes you feel-- especially if they rank in your life) but don't let it eat you. I just know that I can't point the finger without pointing at myself first, because I know I leave people out sometimes, I forget to invite people to the party, I like smaller groups sometimes and that means not inviting all of those that I know, I am just a jerk sometimes too. Just remember, that ultimately it's probably not about YOU--we just like to make it about ourselves-- because we are human.

  3. screw high school...but seriously, i know exactly what you mean.


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