March 27, 2008

I have a pretty severe obsession with 2 things: pizza and pancakes. For as long as I can remember I have always enjoyed those 2 things. I am particularly fond of Perkin's pancakes. They're so good I can enjoy them even without any syrup. Most other pancakes just aren't complete without the syrup. It makes me wonder what they put in their pancakes and how bad they are for me. But that's beside the point right now.

The other day I was driving past a few restaurants. Denny's had up on their sign something about AYCE pancakes 3.99 and then Perkin's had AYCE pancakes for 2.99.

Well, what the heck are AYCE Pancakes? Is that like AYOP stuff? Every summer there's the big AYOP event nearby that draws crowds from across the country. Most townies see all these signs on hotels, restaurants, florists, etc. saying something about AYOP and never know what exactly it is. I do, but I don't feel like sharing right now. *Smirk*

So, suddenly with mention of AYCE I felt like the clueless AYOP outsider. I thought about looking it up online but never really thought about it except for when I drove past. It only puzzled me when I saw it. Eventually I stopped caring.

Then the other day I saw Denny's advertise unlimited pancakes for some special deal. I told my fam about it and we all ended up over there for brunch. As we were pulling into the parking lot, it suddenly clicked. AYCE Pancakes = All You Can Eat Pancakes. Duh.

Well, once I heard that Perkin's offered my favorite pannycakes (yah, I like to call them that sometimes) ALL YOU CAN EAT for 2.99, I was pretty excited. However, they only offer that special Monday through Friday. So, the other day I convinced my brother to do lunch with me. We both hit the AYCE Pans and had a great server who would come to our table with plates of pancakes singing "Pannycakes, pannycakes, pannycakes!" Really, what more could you ask for?

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  1. "panny-cakes"...HA! i love it! i wish i could spend more time with you in real life, jennifer. (i mean we do spend time together, just inside my head though...it's not really the same)


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