April 21, 2009

1. I am ready for a nice sunshiny day. And I know it will come eventually. Today is Day 3 of cloudy gloomy rainy weather. I could never live in Seattle. St. Joseph, MI residents (45 minutes north) were seeing snow this morning.

By Friday we are supposed to be in the 70’s. Ah, the Midwest…

It was apparently 100 degrees in L.A. yesterday. Ha ha. Sometimes I can’t believe I lived there.

2. This week is Turn Off Week (formerly TV Turnoff Week). I rarely watch any TV anymore – which I love. I can thank the Digital Conversion for that! I did buy my converter box a couple weeks ago but haven’t even taken it out of the bag. It was a purchase that I wanted to make at some point (just in case) and had a gift check for Best Buy that was expiring so I went ahead and got it.

Without it I have our local ABC channel (which has maybe 15 minutes of horribly covered local news at 11 – I’m never up that late anyways) and the WB, ha ha! So I can still watch the new 90210.

But I will admit I no longer watch that anyways.

As I sing the praises of myself for being one of those crazy “I don’t watch TV” people, I will admit I am filling the TV void with the internet. Hello, what am I doing right now? I have become a big fan of blogging (obviously) and of course everybody’s favorite social network Facebook.

I know I’m not the only one.

3. I am *beyond* excited to be getting my hair cut tonight. It has been a YEAR since a hairdresser last touched it! It was a not-so-great experience, but it is in my past. I’m moving on and hoping tonight’s experience will be a good one!

Thanks to all of you for voting in the hair color poll! I will be sure to post pics of the new 'do.

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