Nine on the Ninth

March 09, 2009

9 Random Things on March 9th

1. I am going to blame Daylight Savings Time for anything that goes wrong in the next week. It is really screwing me up, and I seem to recall this happening last year too.

2. I need to get rid of some old clothes. Mainly because I am running out of hangers. I’m thinkin’ a trip to Goodwill is in order!

3. Barbie turns 50 today. Go, Barbie! She’s still got it goin’ on! I’m 30 and can barely hold it together.

4. I am already thinking about football season and getting excited!!

5. I made coffee and cinnamon rolls this morning. It was a quiet, snuggly morning. It made me wish I still had a loveseat in my kitchen. Yes, I used to have a loveseat in my kitchen. Ahhh, the good ol’ days.

6. I’ve been thinking about these questions. Lots to contemplate.

7. I’ve also been thinking about my hopes and dreams for my future. I am realizing the reality. They can’t all happen at once. But I’ve got my whole life to live. I’m enjoying where it is now, and I know where it’s going is gonna be good too!

8. I love having things to look forward to! Seeing it on the calendar, smiling, anticipating the event… I’ve got a few this week that I’m delighted about!

9. I have the greatest boyfriend. I am so grateful. Details to be coming later!

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