Lazy Saturday - YEA!!

March 07, 2009

I have been looking forward to today all week! I'm excited for a Lazy Saturday!

It's 9:22. I've already "slept in" and enjoyed no alarm clock going off between 5:30 and 7:30. I got to listen to the rain and thunder. That was *awesome*. I wouldn't say I'm a "fan" of rain, but when I don't have to go anywhere in it, I enjoy it. Ya know, while I can stay indoors snuggled up on my couch or in bed like this morning.

I also got to the listen to the 90's music on U93, which I always enjoy Saturday mornings!

Up next: I'm excited to do laundry. Who gets excited to do laundry?!? Well, when it's been needing to be done for an entire week and you haven't had the time and it just keeps piling up and piling up... That's when I get excited to think that it will finally be done and taken care of, and I will have a cleaner, more organized house. Yea!

Also being planned for today: making and leisurely enjoying coffee (mmmm!), getting more organized, picking up, getting birthday party decorations, etc. put away, doing dishes, and other things around my home.

I'm also excited for my plans once I leave the house! I'm going to visit this fun little store in Granger that I can't remember the name of. When I do, I'll tell you! Then I'm going to GCC for their sex series. Yes. A church is talking about sex. And I think that's awesome. How many churches do you know that talk about such a relevant topic for people today?! Let me know if you want to join me for any of the services the next 4 weekends.

After church I'm going to Leah's birthday party. The big 22! I'm excited to celebrate with her and her friends. She's making us dinner, and I'm bringing a salad. What fun!

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  1. As my friend Amy RC pointed out...

    laundry, cleaning, organizing, dish washing, and errand running is NOT much of a *lazy* saturday!

    Perhaps I should amend this post.

  2. yesterday i thought i had run out of clean underwear. then i found like 10 clean pairs in my closet.
    i don't need to do laundry for like another week!


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