The last couple weeks

October 21, 2008


What's been going on the last couple of weeks?


Trying Burger King coffee for the first time

Thinking more about tattoos and nose piercings (nose ring was the official winner in my blog poll)

Being completely appalled by the behavior of certain people and trying to decide what a proper response should be

Wondering how I’ll survive winter

Wondering how I’ll survive work related craziness

Writing and loving it

Being creative and loving it

Hoping Sarah Palin appears on SNL; that might be a reason for me to tune in.

Loving Sarah’s knee-high kick-butt boots at the very end of the show

Spending a weekend on Lake Michigan & appreciating the serenity of the water

Ignoring phone calls

Fighting a cold

Loving my blueberry coffee

Exploring Southern Indiana – Bloomington, Nashville, Columbus

Exploring online dating sites

Realizing how blessed I am

Researching venues for my big birthday party

Dreaming about my plant

Dreaming about being a mom

Returning to reality

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  1. Blueberry Coffee??!! :) Sounds fabulous! Where would I find some to buy? Had a great time catching up with you tonight! We'll have to get together again soon! Have a great rest of the week! :) Jen of "The Jens"! =-)

  2. MAINE! But I'll keep an eye out for it locally and let you know if I find any!


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