Tuesday Thoughts

September 09, 2008

Tonight is gonna be a quiet night. Just me. I haven’t come home to an empty house since Thursday. I had the pleasure of hosting Jac for 4 nights and Anson for 3. Silly how quickly I got used to it.

Maybe I need a pet.

I hate pets! What am I thinking?!

I guess I’ll just focus on cleaning up – doing dishes, doing laundry, changing sheets. That sort of thing.

And, as Jac reminded me, 90210 will be on! Ha ha!

I’m wondering as I sit here sipping my coffee which I enjoy more – the taste of coffee or the aroma.

Guess what Jac brought with her from Maine for me! Blueberry Coffee!! Yum!

Am I the only one who wants to write “09” for the year lately??

I still need to get one of those converter boxes for my TV.

Wow, it’s always interesting to be reading a piece of informative news and then see “For more information contact…” and then YOUR NAME!!! Yah, that just happened to me.

I came across a listing for a 1 bedroom guest house near my old place in SoCal, thinking about life in SoCal again. And then I saw the price. $1600/month. It made me laugh out loud.

I think I’m getting a cold. Blah.

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