Definition of Busy

September 23, 2008

i don't think i knew the real definition of "being busy" until the last 2 days. it's been endless nightmares at work. i've got a million priorities at once. and i was out at meetings nonstop today. gone, on the go, for 12 hours. 8 AM - 8 PM. sigh...

yesterday i was in for 3 hours in the AM before being gone at meetings the rest of the day. i ended up going in for an hour in the evening to deal with voicemail and email.

i'm terrified of what waits for me when i go in tomorrow.

i have a sore throat. severely. raw.

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  1. Quit your job, abandon your apartment, and move to Chicago to take up homelessness. Actually, move to Miami, warmer winters. But you'll need an act or a hustle or a begging point of some kind. You could break both of your legs. Or get a monkey and have him do tricks when people hand him coins. Or sell fake tickets to sporting events. Or learn to play the saxophone. Or buy some big shades and act blind. You'll make it, I believe in you!


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